PolymerWebinars.com provides online webinars to improve the skills you need to succeed.  We offer online webinar training in two specialties:

  • Polymers (Plastics), with a specialty in Thermosets

  • Innovation and New Product Development related to polymers/thermosets

Studies frequently show people who attend professional development events are more successful, reach their business goals faster, enjoy their work more, build better relationships, and earn a higher income!

To meet your demanding schedule challenges and to enable learning at the right pace, we offer three types of training:

For more information on how we deliver our online polymer webinars, click here to visit our How It Works section.

Thermoset University is an online webinar training program focused exclusively on thermoset polymers.

Click on the Thermoset University logo for more information on our webinars, faculty, and how we deliver customized thermoset polymer training programs to corporations via webinars, onsite training, or a blended learning approach (combination of onsite, webinars, and follow-up online meetings).